12-21-10 Slowly working on the site to make it easier to navigate, and understand what buttons do what. I hope to have the changes and new photos posted by new years day. Many bands to post when I have time to get to them.

03-12-10: Covering Nuclear Cowboyz on March 26th, 27th and April 2nd and 3rd. The Nuclear Cowboyz tour has assembled the world's greatest cast of freestyle motocross riders, including legends like Adam Jones, Mike Mason, Nate Adams, Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg and Ronnie Faisst, who will synchronize awe-inspiring tricks while attempting to break world records in a heart-pounding two hour theatrical-style scripted performance.

03-11-10: Covering Daredevil Rockfest at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds on 03-13-10. Metal Mulisha riders Seth Enslow and Evil Knievel protege Trigger Gumm will compete in along-distance motorcycle jump. TSOL, Circle Jerks, Dr. Know and other bands are performing.

02-17-10 Divine Elements new video "Back in the game". Drum and Bass at its finest!

Divine Elements "Back in the Game" Music Video HD Version
from Divine Elements on Vimeo.

01-14-09: For the bands I covered tonight. Hit me up to see the photos. They will be available for 60 days before being deleted.

01-13-10: Supercross in Anaheim after party photos posted in the Events section.

01-04-10: Remainder of the Warped Tour photos have been posted.

01-01-10: To the douche bag who broke into my truck and stole my laptop on 12-29-09, 3:01 PM on W. Glenaoks, 1/2 block east of N. Central Ave. We have video of you, your car, lic. plate and remaining finger prints where you touched the busted window (good job), we have the palm edge from the back window and great shots of you as well. Laptop info is: Toshiba Satellite P105-S6104 with a 17" screen, Serial number (PSPAOU-OTNO1M) 96084077W. Cover is a Midnight Metallic Blue. Wireless LAN: 001302D24C98 LAN MAC: 00163677F4FC Your car is a black, 2 door honda POS. License plate info blocked out at LAPD & Glendale PD request.

12-31-09 Travis Pastrana won the bet! The challenge was to come up with with the most insane (and survivable) stunt. How about jumping a rally car 200+ feet, over water and land on a barge? WIN! And that's just what Travis did, in Long Beach, California at a confirmed 269 feet, smashing the old record by almost 100 feet, he landed on the barges and slid into the safety barricade at the end before climbing on top of his car to claim his victory. After walking up the ramp, he cleared the emergency boats below and did a back flip into the bay. Travis made himself known when he kicked ass in the X-Games at the age of 15 and took the gold medal. Now with ESPN and MTV backing, Travis has new bragging rights for his next episode on MTV. Photos will be posted in the events section. I have to admit, with the thrill of the experience, when his car first touched the launch ramp, all the sounds dropped out and I didn't hear anything until the car slammed into the barricade at the end. I can't think of a better way to kick off the New Year.
Travis Pastrana

12-29-09: Posted band list as of now (photos only go back to late '07):
Accused, Black Dahlia Murder, Busta Rhymes, Damian Marley, Danzig, Darling Stilettos, D.I., Fishbone, Four Star Youth, Ganji, Gilby Clarke, Ice Cube, IceHole, Iron Butterfly, Job For A Cowboy, Killem Gillem, KRS One, Less Than Jake, L'Ital, Madlife, Marilyn Manson, Misfits, My Evolution, NAS, Octane Gypsy, Otto's Daughter, Pennywise, Powerman 5000, Pricks, Scrawnie Johnie, Seraphim Shock, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Tech N9ne, Too Short, T.S.O.L., Warpaint, World Gone Dark.
Still to go:
A Day To Remember, Adolescents, Anti-Flag, Civet, Death Punch, D.I., Dickies, Fear, NOFX, Superman Is Dead, Thrice, T.S.O.L.

12-28-09: Learning the galleries section and setting up a searchable setting so you can easily find a band, event or whatever.

12-27-09: Still working out the little bits of what goes where and the interactions. I wanted to keep this site simple, quiet and effective. I usually have a jukebox playing music when I'm online and the last thing I want is to visit a website and get blasted by noise, delayed by slow loading intros or have to wait for something to load. Audio that plays in the background that cannot be shut off or is difficult to turn off only makes me leave the site I'm visiting. Why should this site be any different?

12-26-09: Still working on photos for the galleries. I'm realizing I have a serious amount of photos to go through and I may be working on them for a while. Keep checking back for new photos.

12-25-09: Lights, Camera, Action! And we're on our way to a completely revamped, matching couple of sites. I've been on assignment a lot and have not had time to go through the thousands of photos or work on these sites until today. As I finish pages and galleries they will be added so please have patience and check back often. I'd like to thank my friends who've taken the time to check out the progress and offer words of encouragement and I wish I could duct tape up the idiots who had nothing intelligent to say.

Hopefully the 3 sites will be finished for the new year with new, matching layouts. I'd like to have the buttons completely done instead of those boring, static things you see above.

The buttons work however the destination pages may still need help.

If you see me out and about at the Hollywood Clubs or wandering around the Sunset Strip, feel free to buy me a drink!


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